Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Extra Hurdle for Marketing Through Social Media: You Gotta Make 'em Feel

So we've been chatting recently with a vendor, Corporate Visions. They follow the

approach that a message that sticks is one that's wrapped in emotion. It's amazing to see when this technique is executed well. This video that a friend pointed me to is not new new, in fact 150k plus people have already seen it. But I think the folks at (actually the agency they hired) really nailed this approach.

It's interesting to note how intertwined the notion of making a message stick, something good salespeople have known how to do forever, and our expectations associated with new and social media.

Clearly we all want to feel something, and we all have very high expectations of social media in this regard. I think this notion is perhaps an extension of my last post, The Importance of Being Earnest.

So....I now have a request.

Please add comments to this blog with links to messages that you think were made to stick - messages wrapped in emotion. I wanna see what you got.

Go ahead, try to make me cry.... or laugh. Actually, I have a strong preference for laughing.

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Jonathan said...

Hi Ken,

My name is Jonathan Kay, I am the Ambassador of Buzz at Grasshopper. I'm happy our video was able to bring out an emotional reaction in you as this was our hope...To be a catalyst for an emotional conenction with Entrepreneurs accross the globe. I hope your readers can appreciate it as well.

Also, the video was created internally, no agency was hired at all!

Thanks for helping spread the word...